About Us


In the 70’s, Pablo Enrique Mai dreamed of developing new solutions for the packaging of tea, a sector with a great potential to exploit. With that illusion he founded MAI S.A., which began its activities in 1976 with the objective of manufacturing teabag packaging machines that were noble, robust, efficient and above all profitable for companies working with tea. Mai accomplished to offer a substantial complement to the product they commercialized, through a packaging that allowed them to differentiate.
Since 1987, his son, Guillermo Enrique Mai, continued with the production of machines of high quality, reliability and state of the art technology, providing constant innovations for a market that is always on the move and looking for solutions.


Since 2017, and to broaden its horizons, MAI S.A.U. becomes part of the IMA Group of Italy. This partnership provides a greater global presence and our clients have a broader offering based on the joint experience.
Currently, IMA MAI S.A. has a team of more than 100 engineers, technicians and highly trained personnel and nearly 5000 teams working in more than 100 countries.


Mission: To build reliable machines with state of the art technology.
Vision: To achieve the customers’ total satisfaction.
Values: Commitment to quality, environment and people.

ISO and CE Standards

Since 2002 we certified our environmental management and quality system under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. During that same year we began to manufacture our machines in accordance with the quality and safety standards required by European CE directives.
Fulfilling these has positioned the company in markets with a high degree of demands.